Travel to the heart of Gallo-Roman life

Technology plunges you into the 4th century. Discover an exceptional and unique site in France, which combines images in relief and archeology: the screenplay combines the techniques of theater and cinema to train spectators to Aquitaine in the 4th century AD. You return 1800 years in the past and visit the Gallo-Roman villa of Victorianus and Sabina.
The site of Villascopia takes visitors to discover the largest private spa area ever discovered in Aquitaine. The procession leads them from room to room to show concretely the life of a high local dignitary in one of its intimate aspects: "The bath" with frigidarium "cold room", tepidarium (warm room), caldarium (Hot room). Find in the exhibition these Gallo-Roman objects seen during the show. Ceramics, sculptures, mosaics, discovered during archaeological excavations in Castelculier.
Street of Lamarque
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