SUA LG (Sporting Union Agenais)

A land of Ovalie
In Agen, the city vibrates throughout the rugby season and young and old meet at the stadium to support the Sporting Union Agenais, our SUA! The practice of rugby in Agen goes back to the early 20th century, when a certain Alfred Armandie, who gave his name to the current stadium, discovers this novelty coming from England. More than a simple sporting practice, rugby has become, over the years, a passion, even a true "religion": "I am from Agen, by the fifteen of Agen. As an Indian could be fox, snake or bison. It is my totem, me and my belonging, my group and I together, our religion, our history and our gods ... ". This quotation from the philosopher and academician Michel SERRES in Agen summarizes by itself what rugby in agenese soil can represent. This devotion to the oval ball is embodied in the fervor around the professional team of the Sporting Union Agen Lot-et-Garonne, whose temple is the stadium Armandie. The SUA-LG, a 100-year-old institution, remains one of the most titled clubs in France (eight elite championship titles and one second division title), including several international players such as Philippe SELLA, Daniel DUBROCA and Still Abdelatif BENAZZI.
19 rue Pierre de Coubertin 47000 AGEN
05 53 98 12 64
SUA Agen

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