Agen's pruneau

Agen's emblematic fruit, a veritable concentrate of energy known worldwide, the prune is derived from the drying of the plum of Ente.
The plum of Ente comes from the crossing of a variety of plum brought back from Syria in the XIIth century and a local variety. Lying, tasty and violet, this is plum prune. The fruit dried in the sun in the past is now transformed into ovens. Thus is born the black seed. As early as the 17th century, prunes were shipped from Agen by boat from the banks of the Garonne. Agen gave his name to the prunes that have been called since Pruneaux d'Agen. Recognized for its gustatory and nutritional qualities, prune has benefited since 2002 from a PGI (Protected Geographical Indication). Many gourmet boutiques offer natural or processed prunes. You will also find these delicious fruits on our markets and taste the first prunes of the year during the Pruneau Show, a festival dedicated to this fruit, which takes place on the last weekend of August.