Our products

Destination Agen offers a wide variety of local products to enjoy: our famous prune of Agen, our fruits and vegetables, wines and foie gras. These products will restore the sense of taste, taste and authenticity on farms, markets and producer boutiques.
Come and share them.

The producers and farms of the Destination welcome you to discover the tastes and flavors typical of our region. They will offer you fresh, carefully grown and traditional products such as sunny fruits and vegetables, dairy products, poultry, wines and foie gras. Imagine, of course, our prune that is offered to you in several forms: natural, dried, coated with chocolate, liqueur ... You can find all these products in direct sale among producers, in our many markets that sing a spirit "Sensations Sud Ouest "As we love him. Our products of the soil are sensory products, synonymous with intense emotions for the taste buds.
All gourmet products are to be consumed without moderation!